How to apply Multiple Scripts Scanning in Amibroker Explorer?

i am having two queries over amibroker

​Q1) i am using amibroker (with data vendor)  explorer to scan stocks, i am able to scan only the scripts which are opened in amibroker chart window, but i wanted to scan all NSE 50 charts. my data vendor told me that i need to open all 50 charts in amibroker to scan,  as said it can be done by  opening 50 charts, but it would lead performance issue, is there other method to scan with out opening multiple charts?.

Q2) i have saved my favorite 10 charts on my desktop with .chart type extension, while i am  with single chart on amibroker, when using open option to open my favorite 10 charts, it is opening with single chart only, how to get back previous stored 10 charts in amibroker, so that i can apply scan at lest

you can run the scan for the group of scripts, make use you are using  amibroker 5.7 or higher

in amibroker go to  Analysis -> scan  and pick the afl and then select the group of symbols or all symbols in your symbol list,  go to settings and tick on Auto Repeat Scan and also give  AR Interval as 1min 

check the below screenshot

Hi @AlgoGeek. I tried doing this with a group of 10 scrips but every time it is executing the order for the first scrip in the group and that too with quantity as 1 every time… What should I give in Parameters?

Can anyone help me with this?

which data vendor are you using?