How to avoid having to add futures in watch list every month?

Is there anyway to stop future scrips disappearing from the watchlist?
I have 25 scrips in my watchlist for the current month futures & they all will be gone by EOD today. it is really a mundane thing to add them again for the next month.

Why cant we add them like RELIANCE-I FUT, RELIANCE-II FUT & RELIANCE-III FUT where -I always means the current month, -II near & -III far?

If you just add current month contract in the watch list then the same thing will continue to happen, there is no way to automatically add up the next month contract. I would suggest you to add all 3 contracts for a scrip but it will consume space in market watch or you can go with current and near month contracts.

Hi Yuvraj, There is no difference whether i add current month alone or along with next month. It will still be a monthly activity to add each of the scrips one by one. So I am asking why can’t we have a fixed scrip which can always pointer the current month future? E.g: RELIANCE-I FUT = current month future; RELIANCE-II FUT = next month future

P.S: I am not sure whether you’re from 0dha or another user like me, I assume someone from 0dha can answer me on this one.

Just change broker.
IB people automatically changed MW at expiry with notification

I am too from Zerodha, you have too keep adding scrips for every current month, there is no automatic way here in Zerodha.

@nithin, if this is not possible already, can you consider this as a feature request?