How to backtest for more period?

When I backtest the system is selecting around 3 months date automatically. How to increase this period and backtest on previous date ??

Please note that the lookback period for backtesting depends on the base timeframe of your strategy. Backtest period can be modified to re-run backtests i.e users can change the start and end date of the backtest period but the period range is limited based on the candle interval.

The lookback period for timeframes is as follows:

1 min candle interval = 30 days
3-30 min candle interval = 90 days
1 hour candle interval = 365 days
A day candle interval = 5 years

This is because the backtest period and the data fetched is subjected to technical limitations such as bandwidth, data availability, server load, and various technical implications. However, you can change the Backtet dates of the strategy through the Backtest Parameters tab on the create strategy page. You can select the previous dates in the Backtest parameters and rerun the backtest to check on previous data as well.

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