How to backtest?

I have a mechanical strategy. I want to backtest it through computers. How to do it?

The following trading Terminal Supports back-testing:

  1. Zerodha Pi

  2. Amibroker.

To back-test your strategy using these trading Platforms, you need to first convert your Strategy into the native language of each trading terminal.

what is the meaning of ‘native language’ please? I am totally new to backtesting and stuff, would appreciate if you can explain a little in details. thanks

Each Trading Platform recognizes only its own set of inbuilt Functions, which is already written into it from the factory.

For example on Pi to find crossover we use the function code word CROSSOVER, on Amibroker we use only the code word CROSS

If we use the code word CROSS in Pi to find crossover it never recognizes what it means, because it is not its native language. likewise the opposite.

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Have your strategy coded in AFL(Amibroker) or Tradescript (Pi) and backtest it.

AFL-You need to get help from Freelancer for AFL coding.
Tradescript- Post your need in tradingqna you will get the code.