How to be a successful trader

Is true 99% traders loss money?which things to focus most in trading journey I am running 3yrs still I am not profitable but I see everyone upload screenshot mostly people profitable then how 99% traders loss money? Confused​:woozy_face::hamburger:


Do not believe in such screenshots. It’s very rare to find a real one. Also a screenshot cannot define successful traders.


The main question is who likes to show loss screenshot in public?

Let’s say, the profitable screenshots you see are from genuine traders, they are likely be part of 1%, and rest 99% traders aren’t popular because people are running after profitable screenshots, so you never know who are non-profitable ones.

Genuinity is the main issue in internet today, there are lots of fake screenshots out there and we are not supposed to believe it as @TradeXMaster rightly said.

Even if people shows few profitable trades in real clips (videos) doesn’t always mean they are profitable in overall terms.

The best ways are to shut the internet (wrong places), enable self-learning, ensure proper risk management, be open to correct yourselves and adjust accordingly.

PS: You’re not alone. :slight_smile:


What about telegram I am trap my early days lots of ss share those telegram admin and I was shocked omg 120 &250% profit in a single day and people give them ss and he shared in that group and member was around 10lac …And finally I booked my loss blow my 1st capital…How those things are possible I dont know :sleepy: very complexity things…And literally I am demotivate to see those people 1yr and now profitable and me 3yrs running still in loss :upside_down_face:

What kind of trades you did so far>? Intraday / Long Term/ Options ? Failures are stepping stone to success. Ensure you have money to trade once you learn

Option buying… 1st time blow up then now 2nd time again put capital and now running loss 16% blow allready so I decide stop trading only see the market bcz of fear now

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Learn about butterfly. Take a put butterfly below bank-nifty current close and a bull call on bank nifty tomorrow expiry
eg. 37500 is banknifty now. A put butterfly is like you buy 37400 PE and 37000 PE buy and then 37200 PE ( 2 lot sell ) . You can put in zerodha basket and execute. Then a bull call. say 37500 call buy 37600 call sell . All legs expiring tomorrow. Strategies like this one are defined risk and will give you money. By keeping extra capital loss if any can also be avoided if market crash below 37000.
Just watch and don’t trade without understanding what you are doing.

Ok thanks I will try it

Did you learn anything today?
Banknifty expired at 37360

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Ys today I am in profit after 1 week :sweat_smile: but directionality and cover only 1% loss may I cover my all loss. I will infrom u.And ys I learned that market is not so easy today one person conduct a poll there 45% people loss and 36% in profit

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A lot of effort goes into trading profitably. Just starting with selling/buying options and backtesting wont help. Markets keep ever changing, so you need to adjust trading style too accordingly. There are some strategies which are all weather proof, but gotta find one, and stick to it with risk management. Target based trading too is great if that suits you, because many a times, most strategies keep giving money, then take some back, give take and this goes on in cycles (if u are trading futures)

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No but I am a option buyer and as a option buyer probability obviously low and I need to improve wining ratio but still icant achieve good profitable ratio

Idea → Code → Backtest → Deploy & Follow. This is my method. Its an iterative process until one finds a profitable plan. Important thing is to have a plan that one can follow.

Sry but now I am using price action ao how this is code :face_with_thermometer:

Well you need to have coding skills to code.