How to become equity analyst?

Hello guys,

I am pursuing MBA finance. I want to become equity analyst(fundamental). How should i go about it? what are the things i should concentrate on?

Any analyst in the house?


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CFA is a good course for those interested in becoming equity analyst. But in the industry, there are many CAs with CFA, and top priority is given only to such guys. So understand that its a tough road, not impossible though. All the best :slight_smile:

There are many institutions offering a course in financial analysis. I once enrolled for one. I did not find it very interesting and dropped it half way. There were centers in Mumbai and the faculty there is pretty good. Lemme know if you need more info. They were offering placements as equity analysts in bangalore.

For analyst you have to read about the market , when you will be able to understand the market then you can assume the market strategy, That skill will grow with reading. offers wealth management course . If you can offer 2lacs investment then you can pursue this course. For more details visit following link . …

wow. put this content as the answer.

Thats great! But my aim is to become Equity research analyst.

All welth managers are equity analysts. This has scope for you to be more than just an analyst. You can go through the link that furnish the details of topics covered… it is just a thought… good luck…

CFA is chartered financial analyst i heard that its very tough to complete.i think NSE wealth management would be a good one.

Yes, thats true bro, its really tough… Not sure abt NSE wealth management, but if someone is suggesting, I am sure its something to look at :slight_smile:

pls name few institutes and course name.

Search for the keyword ‘course’ in tradingqna forum.

Yeah Bro the one i attended was with Imarticus a course named IFAP. The faculty in bangalore sucked but they are very successful in Mumbai. All the people teaching were from investment banks. You can google it and have a look at their website and cirriculum. PM me if you need more info on it

thanx for the info bro.can i join chennai?


The IFAP is geared towards financial analyst/equity research/PE firms etc. I dont think they have in chennai. If you can join in Mumbai its good all others r crap