How to become smart money and not 'dumb money'?

Do share your perspective on the strategy/method/practice that you follow in order to be referred as ‘smart money’ and not ‘dumb money’ by the market!!

Top results of the google search of your question title: Do your own research first before asking questions

I really thought this was a forum to discuss and share what is “NOT ANSWERED BY GOOGLE”!!
“SEARCHING GOOGLE AND FINDING ANSWERS” will definitely not make one ‘smart money’…
Anyways, the answers and discussions I am expecting is on the principles of risk management, trading psychology, trading setup, etc…

Anyways, thanks for the google answers… I did not know they exists :blush:

I m not sure if this classification is right. But if you want to know key difference between institutional and retail traders.

  1. Institutions rely on fundamentals for trade TA is only for entry.
  2. Instutional traders hv checks n balances like manager oversight, audits etc
  3. They hv morning meetings with tesm /bosses which discuss everthing fm existing trade, PL, fundas, TAs etc ( analysis of wht went wrong right n plans)
    4 Almost all institutions prohibits positions without hedge
  4. Longer time frame say 1-3 monthd