How to bulk/block deals get executed?

Most the bulk/block deals get bought and sold with a difference of about 0.11 or very thin difference between buy and sell but the qty is in millions, so how do these guys get so precise?

Example: today JUMP TRADING FINANCIAL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED bought TATAMOTORS share at avg price of 249.24 and sold at avg price of 249.35 and qty was 16515422

So do they do this offline or do they have to place order like everyone else?

This post will help you understand the concept of Bulk and Block deals:

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For Block deals, according to a page on the NSE website -

Block deals

Two separate windows are provided by the Exchange for executing block deals. The minimum order size for execution of trades in the Block deal window shall be Rs.10 crore. All trades are settled under settlement type ‘N’ and series ‘BL’. Deals are cleared on a rolling basis (T+2) and are compulsorily settled in dematerialized mode only. Non delivery of securities is compulsorily closed out on the settlement day as per rates applicable for close out in the rolling segment. Settlement guarantee is extended for trades in this series as is being done for the existing series in normal market. All other provisions including the procedures for trade modifications, client code modifications, computation of securities transaction tax, reporting institutional deals, risk management, withdrawal of trading facilities, penalties etc. are as applicable in the normal market segment. Members making early pay-in in this segment have to give specific EPI of securities.

I have noticed a few brokers allow access to the BL series -