How to buy at a specific price on Intraday?


I want to buy a stock at a specific price in Intraday. How to do that?
I use GTT for positional trade. GTT is not available for Intraday. I tried Limit orders. But, I am missing it every time.

For ex, I want to buy stock A at 550. Its trending now at 545. To create a limit order at 550, I need to wait till it crosses 550. Many times, when It crosses 550, the next moment its like 560. So, my order is not getting executed. Is there any way to do this in Zerodha? If not, what platform/software that you are using which can support this?

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If the trader wishes to buy above CMP, need to select sl/slm order type. Kindly read about order types here.


To buy above the CMP one will have to use the buy SL or SL-M order type. To buy a stock at 550 when it is trading at 545 you can place a SL-M order here the Trigger price can be mentioned as 550. So once the market reaches 550 you SL-M order will be triggered and will be executed at the CMP.
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Incase you are trading in Zerodha platform, then you can refer to the below given link for more information,


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