How to buy capital gain bonds on zerodha

I am new to Zerodha. Opened account in last week.
I want to buy capital gain tax saving bonds. On coin platform I see some option for buying bonds… but I do not see any 54EC bonds, or capital gains bonds listed under G-Sec or Bonds option.

  1. Any help… where I can see menu to buy 54EC bonds?
    Those bonds can be held in demat format. So I presume it should possible to buy in on zerodha platfrom

  2. Charges table do not mention charges for Bonds (or for that matter G-Sec)… What ate the charges of Zerodha for capital gain tax saving bonds
    Thank you

you can check on

i hope you are aware that rules have changed and 54EC bonds don’t help you save tax on capital gain on equity sale. it would save tax for capital gains on sale of property / land.

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Two years back I bought 54EC bonds ( to save tax on sale of property). This is how you buy other than the online option

Go to any bank such as HDFC, they have specific forms, or your own bank, fill in a form and hand over the cheque to them. The form will have an option if you want the same in demat or certificate option.

If your demat account is in joint name and if you are applying for the bond in single name this will be rejected and you will only get the bond as certificate.

I experienced this problem as my icici demat account was in joint name but applied for 54ec bond in single name. REC issued the bond in physcial form. The certificate will be couriered to you.

If you can buy it online nothing like it. I preferred going to bank option as I wanted receipt signed and sealed by the bank.


Thank you @rupeshmandal

  1. Yes I am planning to use it for Captial gain from Sale of property.
  2. It seems that requires seperate login to be created… Zerodha login does not work. I need to start account opening process once again.
    Thank you again for crisp and to the point reply.

@RajendraPatil you can try this. GoldenPi will also send you the same forms by email which you have to print, fill, sign and submit to the nearest bank branch which provides you 54EC bond service. (Not all banks and branches are authorized for this service).

Here are the forms (demo, don’t use them) and a list of banks where you can submit them.

As per the rules, within 6 months from the date of sale of property, you have to invest in 54EC bonds to save capital gains. If you have enough time for 6 months to complete, it’s better to wait a bit. Keep the paperwork ready but avoid going to a bank to maintain social distancing for now until things get a little better on the covid front.


Need inputs on capital gain bonds holdiing

I purchased capital gain bonds under provision of Sec 54 EC to save tax from property sale. The bonds are allotted to DMAT account linked with Zerodha.

Now I can see the quantity on console. but it shows discrepancy . which is understandable as purchase is not done via Zerodha , so they may not have details

Unfortunately if i try fix the discrepancy manually , console returns me error “Required information to perform this action is not available”

Any suggestions how to fix it? I raised the ticket on helpdesk and now we are in loop. Resolution says I will be able to fix discrepancy only after capital gain tax saving bonds are available for trading.

Now my query is
when Capital gain bonds are eligible for trading (if at all… my earlier impression was it was locked investment) so that I can enter details in console about the investment I have done.

@RajendraPatil - I am exactly faing same issue in zerodha. That is, It is just displaying quantity with discrepancy.

Could you mange to fix this issue? Kindly help.

Thanks and Regards,

Aha… after 1-2-1 discssion with Zerodha Support what I gather is capital gain tax saving bonds are not available for trading, so details wont be displayed.

  1. Quantity is displayed… which serves practical purpose as value of bond remains unchanged over time
  2. For other details I check NSDL CAS Monthly statement. Same can be checked by login into depositary (CDSL/NSDL) and verified.