How to buy Coastal Corp Shares

I have been trying to buy Coastal Corp shares by placing AMO order for the past two weeks, but the orders have never got executed. Even Market orders have failed. Please let me know why it is so difficult to buy this stock, and let me know of ways in which I can buy these shares ( such as call-n-trade etc).

@msrinivasa ; only 1 share traded daily at bse with huge buyers pending .right now more than 88000 share buyers at UC of 120.40 so virtually not possible to buy . WITH UNQUOTED SHARE DEALERS the scrip is available around 225-275 .

It is not possible to buy such shares from market . there is one very AMUSING UNBELIEVABLE EXAMPLE of Bombay oxygen ltd which has a lot of 5 shares because it is still traded only in physical form in P group. the share is at continues upper circuit since 11 july 2016 yes 11 JULY 2016 when ever traded .
this share will either stop trading or must convert itself in demat ( right now no ISIN for this share) as no physical shares will be transferred after 05 December 2018 as per sebi notification .

Thank you. That was new info for me. However, Coastal Corp has an ISIN of INE377E01016, which I infer means that the stock is traded in demat format. Yet, I have not been able to buy the same for the last two weeks.

The share may start trading if price is adjusted to around 225-250 ex bonus 3 shares for 1 share in May 2018 ,that is what few unquoted dealers do quote.