is it possible to government of india bonds of ten year tenure. in kite platform? specifically 717GOI2028

Not currently but you will be able to soon. We’ll keep you posted.

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Hi @Bhuvan

I guess this feature is still not available. Please let me know if we can buy GOI from secondary market via Kite? If not, by when can we expect this feature?

Sachin, you can buy G-Sec’s in secondary market through Kite. You can also invest in Bonds through Coin, more on this here.

To learn more about G-Sec’s, you can refer to this chapter on Varsity:

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You said one can buy gsec on kite as well as through coin.
If am not mistaken gsec through coin is also secondary market?
If so what is the difference between buying in kite vs coin? @amitb @sachinsp15 @Bhuvan

Every week RBI auctions both new and old G-secs. Institutions participate in this auction - competitive bidding and a price is discovered. Retail investors have an option to invest in these bonds through a non-competitive bidding mechanism on Coin, the bonds will be allotted at the yield discovered in the auction.

All these bonds are also listed on the stock exchanges but rarely trade so buying/selling is tough.

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