How to buy share and hold for long duration for years and years?

Hi Investors,

I have a basic question, please provide me details…
Suppose a stock “ABC” whose LTP is 100 INR today. I want to buy share of “ABC” and want to hold for years and years like 5-10 years.
Please tell me how to do ?


You need to search the stock on kite and then click on BUY, then a window will open like this:
Select CNC and LMT, then enter the quantity and price and click on 'BUY".
That’s it! Now you can hold stock for as long as you want.

CNC -> Cash and Carry. So there are no any leverage in this. I have to pay entire amount.
After buy shares by CNC order, so after that all the stocks will come into my demat account or only be in zerodha Holding section.
Please clarify this.

This might help you understand the clearing and settlement process.

If you want leverage then you trade in futures and options but it’s only available for the next three months.

You need to have the full amount to buy shares in CNC.
The shares will come into your demat a/c on T+2 days.
e.g If you purchase on 1st then you’ll get the shares on 3rd evening.