How to buy shares blocked by zerodha

Please tell me how to buy shares blocked by broker or by whom i dont know .

it shows this

baid to zerodha

do tell me any possible way to buy this kind of share !
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Explained in detail here:

It is not a good idea to trade in this stocks. Do check out this post for more details: Investing based on SMS tips can be costly

Your question intrigued me.

When the broker himself is saying they have blocked the shares, because of certain issues why would you want to buy the stock.

Apologies for asking as each one to himself and you might have your own reasons for buying, but curious to know if you wish to share. If not, just ignore this question, I am sure some expert will reply to your query.

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Yes , i fully understand what u r saying ! but the thing is i see value in this fundamentally . I never trade , i invest only! i never use any kinds of tips / suggestions or all that shit ! i see this as undervalued thats why i wanna invest in this !

now i do respect what broker have done to block these kind of shares coz of suspicious activity , but not people are traders , or buy sell on tips and sms !

okay @ShubhS9 , thanx i respect your reply !