How to buy Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB)


I could not buy SGB via as I was short on cash.

Could anyone please advise when/how can I buy this?

Looking forward to buy some SGBs in demat form.

Thanks in advance!

The last issue of Gold Bonds closed on July 14th and you will have to wait until the next issue opens. Though Gold bonds are allowed to trade in the secondary market you won’t be able to buy them due to the restriction on inter-depository transfers. Read this post for more:

Hi @Bhuvanesh,

I am allocated some units for recently 1st January’s tranche. How long does it takes to reflect in demat account holding?

Hello @siva @VenuMadhav!
What are the PROS / CONS of buying SGB from secondary market? Except for waiting for the next tranche to open in primary market? WIll appreciate your input on this.
Also - if I want to buy from secondary market - which one to buy? There are about 22 listed SGB series. The one which is most liquid is it?

Liquidity and knowing price are two most important things to know before placing orders in sgb.

No recommendations from our end, as a user you have to do some work around it and choose one.

Thank you for prompt reply. My doubt is - whether I should buy now from secondary market OR wait for the next issue. Does it make any difference?

Noted. Could you guide on what to look for? except for liquidity and price? Thanks!