How to calculate Dividend Per Share from Percentage

I am exploring the announcements for the dividends on money control using I am not sure how we can calculate the dividend amount that someone will get based on the percentage given. For example Salazar Electro has announced 18% dividend of type Final. If I do have 100 shares of it how much dividend amount I will receive. Is there any online calculator for the same. Does the formula for calculating DPS do change based on the dividend type?

18% on FV (face value), face value is Rs.10/-. Shareholders get Rs.1.8/- per share.


Many times the dividends are announced based on Face Value. So you can see, companies announcing 100% dividend, but this is on FV, which can be Rs. 10 or Rs. 5. Hence, you get only few rupees per share in dividend.

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Yes fully agree with @SMIFS_LIMITED. Most of the website mention the dividend received in rupee terms. Example - Tata Steel - 51 INR. This means if I hold 50 shares I will get 50x51. This makes is easier instead of finding out the face value and then calculating if it is on percentage basis.

You don’t need to calculate that. There are websites like CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Morningstar, and Investopedia where you can find all the latest data related to dividends.

I also use the same websites to get all the dividend data. But if anyone wants to calculate it manually, the formula is: the total number of dividends paid out by a company over a period of time divided by the number of shares outstanding.