How to calculate p/l in pyramiding trading

i am trying to develop a strategy with pyramiding ( or scale in and scale-out), but i am not aware of p/l calculating method, here i am attaching a screenshot of paper trade please help me understanding p/l calculation method in this kind of trade book -
bought @
1 unit @ 1762
1 unit @ 1793
1 unit @ 1816
1 unit @ 1796
1 unit @ 1899
1 unit @ 1877
1 unit @ 1868
1 unit @ 1980
1 unit @ 1939
sold all 9 unit @ 1906

thank you.

Add all your units … divide all unite by its count … it is called average price…

now subtract 1906 with average price… that is your profit.

Simple as f man… Just Calculate total price of all positions and divide it by units, then subtract 1906 from that total you get and multiply by units you purchased.

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Rather the question should have been How to calculate averages