How to calculate Return on Equity

I am just starting with the stock market and I find the terms in books/tutorials not exactly matching with the balance sheet values on money control. I am trying to calculate Return on equity= Net Income/Avg Shareholder Equity. Am I doing it correct?
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Is the calculation 3330.10/Avg(21,597.57, 13,366.07) correct? Is there a way to get such values directly on Kite?

RoE calculation is explained in detail in the Financial Ratio Analysis chaper in Varsity.

No these values are not directly available on Kite. You can use the stock widget to compare with peers on the smallcase screener where you get the Avg RoE %.

Will do the math on your case above and post back in the evening, hopefully.

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Hello Srinivas, Your time and assistance is much appreciated.

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