How to calculate the amounts of fund require to maintain a FUT position against market changes

I bought 20 lots USDINR 24FEB FUT last week for long-term

I have some funds at zerodha at this moment. But I don’t want to ever get margin call, or worse position to be automatically squared off.

How do I calculate the amount of fund I should deposit at zerodha (subject to monthly recalculation) so I am pretty much safe?

Margin requirements are dependent on the volatility and price movement so it is not possible to determine beforehand how much margins will change. You can keep 5-10% excess funds in your account to cover these changes.

Also, futures are marked-to-market, which means any profit or loss you make is credited/debited from your account at the end of the day. If your position is in profit this will also increase available funds in your account, but if the position is running in loss then you will have to keep adding funds.

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