How to catch falling/rising stocks from open

I have seen some stocks either fall/rise from the market open till 10.30 or 11,how to catch those stocks effectively?which screener might help to know such stocks?take a look at todays NTPC and TECHM…as example.

No matter which screener you use, its going to scan and show results only after the move is over. Its each ones fantasy(including mine) to catch such moves, but its just ones illusion that such moves can be caught consistently. IMO, best to restrict to your strategy for consistent profits.

throw the towel before market opens :-))

after raising this question.i have found the answer.its with the brokers terminal itself.

Can you share the answer pls?

we need to open the chart and look for price opening above previous close.

Oh ok Vikram, i understand ur question only now. just got confused earlier. clear now… thanks