How to change mobile number on CVL KRA? My number is correct on Zerodha but CVL KRA still has my old number

To update the phone number at the KRA (KYC Registration Agency), you can do Re-KYC and update details as per PAN, once the Re-KYC is processed, we’ll inform KRA to update the details. You can follow the process given here: How to reactivate the Zerodha account?

Raise the complaint with CVL KRA. You can get email address from there portal. Zerodha customer care representative doesn’tknow the process at all. I had to escalate the matter to Zerodha’s top level management to get it resolved.

Finally after tussle of 12 days, my mobile is updated in CVL KRA website.

Just want to state that CVL KRA (CDSL ventures) still had my old mobile no which I had stopped using several years ago. Mobile no as per Zerodha was correct.

As advised in this thread, I initiated re-KYC through Zerodha on 31/March and in just 3 days the mobile no has been updated on CVL KRA portal. Seamless process. Thanks to @ShubhS9

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I have already completed this process, and received confirmation from Zerodha that the Re-KYC has been approved. This email was on 30th March. Details on CVL KRA are still not updated as of today, Could you please help if I need to do anything further? Customer support is giving generic replies to do Re-KYC

Hi @Shishir_K, could you please DM be the ticket number? Will get this checked.


Zerodha/CDSL issue

On trying to do KYC validate through CVL, it is showing that mobile number is not validated rest all of the things are validated.
At zerodha and Aadhar card, mobile is latest which was changed 4-5 years back but PAN card has picked some really old mobile number.
As suggested by you, did the KYC again at Zerodha but as all the details were correct, picked the no change and uploaded ITR etc. Kindly suggest if that is enough and CVL will change the details?

Once you have updated your mobile number at Zerodha, we’ll inform KRA to update their records. After the KRA has updated the details, you will have to validate it using the verification link.

Hi Team
My account is suspended by zerodha since my email address is not verified per CVL KRA. I clicked on the CVL KRA link and found the email address is old and unaccessible.
Can you please share the process on how to update the email address on CVL KRA website in order to complete email KYC ?

You can attempt Re-KYC procedure and select “Update details as per Aadhaar” for updating records at KRA:


Thanks Arjun, I have now submitted my reKYC using Aadhar details in Zerodha. Seems it has gone through successfully. Now wait for 5 working days ?

The KRA records will be updated within 24 hours after Re-KYC (as per Aadhaar) is approved.

After that, you can verify your contact details with the KRA. Once validated with OTP, it may take up to 5 days for the Exchange to update and unblock your account.

Got it… I will check KRA portal if it gets updated and then take necessary actions.
Thanks a lot for all info

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It’s truly frustrating how KYC procedures have become overly complicated. In CVL, my mobile is verified but my email isn’t, and I tried attempting to verify my email but did not get any OTP.

Now, Zerodha has suspended my trading simply because my email isn’t verified. Since when did email become a mandatory KYC attribute? Why isn’t a verified mobile number sufficient, especially when my PAN, Aadhar, and numerous other documents are already verified? It’s absurd that I’m being punished for something as trivial as an unverified email.

Now, users are forced to update their email in the console, go through the reKYC process, and do video verification, among other irritating things. Think about senior citizens this is in no way an easy process…

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I completely agree with this. After trading and investing for years with an account it gets disabled for KYC. PAN and Aadhaar are linked. Now re-KYC was done, still it said something wrong. It was not specified. So did reKYC again with use Aadhaar details option. Again they are asking for PAN. On the top of it Zerodha themselves does KYC and the account will be unblocked only after KRA’s confirm it. How frustrating this is.
All this is for my father who is a senior citizen.

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