How to change paper CDSL statement to e-statement?

I invest in mutual funds through Coin and get a paper statement from CDSL. I want to change this to e-statement by email. How to do this?

Thank you

@Pawan Can you.

Go to cdsl website, click on Login to CAS and proceed with email registrationā€¦

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I have already seen CDSL website (myeasi) but it does not give any option to change mode of receiving statements. Where to find this option?


Login to - CAS/Declare Bonafide tab(on right hand side)
Enter your PAN, BOID(16 digit DPID) & DOB
Enter OTP
Click on "Registration for Email Statement "(on left hand side), please submit the request.


Dear Pawan

Thank you for your help.

Just for clarification, does this also unsubscribe you from physical letters?

Also do you happen to know how to switch back to paper letters (someone else might find it useful in the future)

doe it cost u anything ?
u can keep physical and email both !!!

Heard of the phrase ā€˜Save treesā€™?

It costs to nature. By the way Arenā€™t you aware that the agenda of this years world economic forum was climate change.


also what to do when you change your address? Canā€™t have them send letters to your old addressā€¦

manual process, submit address change form to DP.

Hi there,

If you wish to opt for a physical statement, then you can raise a request to the particular Depository Participant (DP) or Broker with whom you hold an account, they shall make the necessary changes and confirm the same.


Thanks for the Info :smiley:

Tried to register multiple times but CDSL is not sending out OTPā€¦ :slight_smile: :upside_down_face: Any other way to stop the paper statement (e.g SMS, email communication?)

Registered email address,(Showing email registered) Still getting statement via Physical Mode. Any one knows what to do in such caseā€¦?

Thanks Sir