How to change update interval in Excel?


I was able to use the link to excel feature and now able to get the quotes in excel…

They are updating at 2 sec intervals…

Can someone let me know how to make the updates more faster/slower?



Link to Excel feature will get updates from market watch feeds using =RTD( ) server data feeds,

the feeds will be auto updated based on data feeds getting in market watch, speed can not be increased but you can observe or check your market watch feeds, also check and verify your internet speed once

How you came to know that its updating at 2 sec intervals ?

i think its Automatic refreshing. (Time of LTP).

I checked it… my market watch updates properly when any change has taken place not necessarily after 2 secs, but the excel updates the quotes only after 2 sec (by referring to the LUT column and also the quotes are getting refreshed in tandem after 2 secs)

Hi, the LUT column updates time every 2 sec and also by observing the quotes refresh in tandem after 2 secs each…

please do speed test of your network. also do let me know which trading platform you are using

Hi AlgoGeek,

I am using Zerodha’a Pi itself… pfb the test results… Do let me know what is wrong with the setup.


ideally it should not happen, check with high volatile scrip like nifty or banknifty with LUT, also add exclusion in antivirus and check, if still facing issue you can write to zerodha support.

Yes, Nifty Feb Fut is in my watchlist, but it’s the same thing for it as well…
I will check with the support team.