How to check charges of trades in the P&L

In the P&L, you can only see buying and selling prices but it does not show many charges and brokerage I given for a trade.

In the P&L you can see charges and brokerages of all the trades together but not for any single trade.

Also, in P&L you can not see which one was a delivery trade and which one intraday.

Hi @ManojYadav

You can check the virtual contract note on kite for trade-wise charges for the day.

We will have it on console soon in the P&L statement.This is on our list of things

You check check Tax P&L for knowing whether a trade is delivery or intraday

In the tax P&L, you can not select a specific dateā€¦ so, also add it in the normal tax P&L.

You should also add a buy and sell button on the chart, just like TradingView. It helps a lot when you have to place an order very quickly.