How to check intraday margin requirements for option strategies

hey, I’m new to the options world so I would like to know how to find out the margin requirement in intraday before placing the orders. I know about the Zerodha margin calculator but it does not show for intraday positions. is there even a margin benefit for hedged intraday positions??
thanks in advance
PS I just read in zerodha website that "For F&O positions, the margin required for the order you place is calculated after including the margin benefit you get if you have hedged open positions in your portfolio.
but how to check the margin benefit before opening a position.

In kite click on MIS , and then see updated margin required.

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ok what about if i am going to do multiple legs , how to check the margin requirement for hedged positions.

You can easily check margin requirements using Basket Order. You can learn more about Basket Orders here.

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Thank you for your help!!