How to code this

Hi , can anyone help me how to code this simply using " min " or " max " function in chartink screener for the below conditions ?



Read this Scanner User Guide | Chartink Articles

Yes already i saw that , but i dont get enough details how to use for the above specified

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You can use this example: Close above VWAP for any of the past 5 candles, Technical Analysis Scanner

Also, please reach out to [email protected] for any queries

Thanks @AkashCi ,

posted my query there in ci faq section ,which is pending there ,

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Try athis and give feedback about accuracy

Hi , just im manually checking for some entry exit points for intraday with indicators and with some functions in chartink , im not well versed in backtesting , coding things , if anything will inform here .

This one should be even more accurate…just changed one parameter

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Thanks @nashtrik , sure will check and revert you .

@nashtrik , results shows lots of sideways candles also , is it possible to reduce that by adding one more code , ie previous 6 -10 candles should be below vwap like that , ?

I have modified the scan…run the new version and revert back. I am away from my syatem,doing on my mobile device,so can’t test accuracy.

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Filtered all sideways and giving exact results what i wanted :+1:, Thanks @nashtrik