How to control Adrenaline Rush


Small story : I sell crude when it was trading at 5700 (Sept), but it make the high of 5740 and i cut it in 40 point loss...story begins from here, market reverse and falls to 5610 as per my prediction....but i was out of market with friends all book profit and they laugh at that day, it was NOT thinking about the loss, i was thinking that why i made a wrong decision,... am i doing something wrong?

From that day i  changed my broker(Now at Zerodha :-P) and started paper trading  , i was getting handsome profit on paper trade, i again enter into the real market and Sell Copper at reverse and make it to 402...i cut it again, and then market falls to 395 :-( 

I came to know that i am suffering from Adrenaline Rush in my body during real trade....its not a disease , but its a symptom of extra pressure on my mind and i perform worst and take decision happens to most of the sports person during crunchy situation and most to Army peoples...But they are trained

Many thing i learned during my paper trade and i found many mistake, and sharpen my edges...but dont know how to handle the emotion control during trading session. . . . . . . . . . 

I tried many things to control...unfortunately nothing works................Any senior trader help me !

How to control Adrenaline Rush ?

As you might be knowing, Trading is 70% Psychological and 30% Technical.

'ADRENALINE RUSH' is a SYMPTOM that you are observing but the CAUSE of it is 'PSYCHOLOGICAL FEAR'. Donot try to give solution for the Symptom, rather try to give solution for the Cause.

You have answered wonderfully to another query. I think it is more than sufficient.

Apart from that, you can gather solutions from the answers to earlier queries.

What paper trading software you use? May I know please!