How to convert this Chartink code to Streak Scanner

Hi @Streak

help me in creating this scanner, conditions are as in image below


Hello @SlimShadyTrader

Kindly note that I have created the scanner matching your requirements, refer to the link below:

You can just click on the link to copy the scanner to your account.

You can refer to Streak Manual for a structured explanation of our platform. Also, refer to our List of webinars page for creating strategies and scanners in a step-by-step manner, refer to the links provided below:
Manual -
Webinar List - English - Streak Help

@Streak I also need help creating code for Streak, could u please help me with this

Hi @sachinrajkc Refer to the below image to learn how to write your scanner conditions in Streak.

Hope this helps.

Please create this screener

@Hitesh_Streak @SlimShadyTrader
Sir please help me with this Scanner as well
that will so helpful for me
I am new trader

thank you so much

Hi @Rishit_Shah

We have shared the scanner conditions as well as the link as per your requirement based on our understanding:

Hope this helps.