How to create a basket of nifty 100 in Streak

hello @Streak

I want a basket with nifty 100 stocks so that I can implement the same in the strategies.

but currently, only 50 stocks can be added in a strategy, so how to address my requirement?


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If I’m not wrong that’s one of the limitations of a streak for now all conditions can only be made up to 50 stocks at a time.
might get 100 or more on coming updates. So for now if you want to create a strategy on Nifty 100 you’ll need to create the same strategy twice once on nifty 50 and another one on the next 50.
That’s a short-term solution. Hop it might help.

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Hello @KoSh

Kindly note that you can only add a maximum of 100 stocks in a single basket. In Strategies, only a maximum of 50 stocks can be implemented and since you want to implement Nifty 100 in strategies as a workaround you can split the nifty 100 stocks in the batches of 50 and create 2 baskets each of 50 stocks.

Do note that I have already created the csv files for the same, all you have to do is download and import them into the baskets within just few clicks.

Refer to the link containing the CSV files of Nifty 100 created in 2 batches. Please download and import them as indicated in the image below.

To learn more about importing baskets refer to the link below:
CSV Files - Nifty 100 CSV Files – Google Drive