How to create alert for options

Hi Guys how to create alert in which open interest and rsi increasing

@Streak Can you.

There are various ways to write this. You can create a condition like this

Period Min (3,RSI(14,0) - RSI(14,-1)) higher than 0 and
Period Min (3,Open interest(0) - Open interest(-1)) higher than 0

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hi sir thanks for reply i have a few questions can we set this alert on telegram second i want to create alert for options conditions is
open interest should increaseing above 20 ma
and rsi should decreasing below 40
and options price should be below vwap
can u help me please write the code and send me :slight_smile:

can we get alert on telegram??

Just write this

No currently this is not possible.

You probably need to make changes to your code. Trying to incorporate new conditions in accordance with your requirements.

Please elaborate if you are facing any issues.