How to create real time price alerts in pi?

please describe the exact words to create a script alert to alert me if the price goes above a certain value in the current candle. whatever alert I create, i’m being alerted from the previous minute candle( after the candle has been completed). say to alert if an option goes above 100. I create last > 100. and the price goes above 100 at 01:00:25 reaches 101.6 at 01:01:00 and after that only I get the buy alert >100 at 01:01:01 when the price has crossed 101.6 instead of being alerted at 01:00:25 when the price crosses 100.

If you want to get real time price alerts like LTP >= or LTP <= on any of stock/fno/commodity, I advised that often trying in Pie went for log-in to mobile trading platform or web based platform and set alerts as you like and even track with ATP.

i wish you all the best.