How to create realtime price alerts?

please describe the exact words to create a script alert to alert me if the price goes above a certain value in the current candle. whatever alert I create, i’m being alerted from the previous minute candle( after the candle has been completed). say to alert if an option goes above 100. I create last > 100. and the price goes above 100 at 01:00:25 reaches 101.6 at 01:01:00 and after that only I get the buy alert >100 at 01:01:01 when the price has crossed 101.6 instead of being alerted at 01:00:25 when the price crosses 100.

As per the above condition you can use price alert indicator

Ji. its not working. still being alerted after the end of the candle. can you come online via ammy admin or teamviewer. it would be of much help. my mobile number is 9445568151.