How to create stop-loss in call option which i just purchased for zerodha?


I am new to zerodha , i purchased following CE option but i don’t know where to put stop loss here? Can someone help?

Enter a SL / SL-M sell order for NIFTY17NOV10400CE at the price you want the stop loss to be at.

@random4321, were you able to place a stoploss for your option position?

do i need to do this everyday?

Yes, you will have to do this Everyday Becasue at the end of the day all non- Executed orders get cancel.

yes, Thanks a lot.

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Hi, There is problem in this case. In above NIFTY call today premium dropped more then 30rs just after opening of market at 9:15.
how to put stop loss in this case. Here i will already lose most of my capital even before opening of market .

That’s nifty my friend :slight_smile: it can make riches and rags aswell.

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If You are new to Trading.
Please give at least 2 years to yourself to Trade in Options.

(I Don’t see any options details, like Which strick price CE or PE )


i was talking about NIFTYNOV10400 CE.todays chart.

At what Price you bought?

I didnt buy … I was just paper trading.