How to create this simple entry & exit strategy in Streak?

Hi I want to create strategy For:

  1. Entry at high of 3rd candle (when 1st Candle is red, and 2nd & 3rd are green)
  2. SL at low of 2nd candle
  3. Target at entry + same points as with SL


Not sure about streak, but you may check out at

They don’t have target as you mentioned but stop loss can be.

Here is the screenshot from their create strategy page for your conditions.

Thank you @ZW2768. You have mentioned entry if close (0) crosses above high(1). But the strategy is not to wait till close but to enter when the CMP crosses previous candle’s high. Is that possible in

@Streak please do respond to this query. Unable to use any strategy as Im not sure how to put that. Tried various combinations but doesn’t work. Manual also doesn’t provide info on this

All the conditions are checked at end of the candle. What you could do is create a multi time frame strategy. For example if your strategy is on 15 mins, you could select 1 min or 3 mins and select 15mins as candle period and create the above conditions. In this case your conditions would be checked every 1 min or 3 min.

Something like below

Hi @Pradeep_Kamath

The same condition that @ZW2768 shared can be used to build this in Streak. However, I understand that your required is based on LTP. Unfortunately, Streak does not send triggers on the basis of LTP.

But with the new Create plus, you can use Multi timeframe function to set the accuracy to 1 min. So you will get a trigger when the latest 1 min candle Close crosses above the High of the previous candle. The previous 3 candles can be of any timeframe 1,3,5,15 min. If you want to test this, I’ll share the condition with you.

Also regarding the TP and SL, Dynamic TP like the one you requested cannot be created. Same with the SL since we do not support dynamic candle marking currently. But this is under development now, will be available soon.

In case #1 candle is the 1st candle of the day, #2 is the 2nd candle of the day i.e static, I can create the SL condition as well.

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Is there any way to place Profit Rupees value Target to all positions,
Like let’s assume I shorted both Banknifty’s call & put with 1-1 lot & I want to exit on overall 40 points decay so in short I want 1000 Rupees in total Position
So what I want is once in Positions page when it shows 1000 Rs Profit the all positions must square off automatically
Is there any way to do this.

Is this available now Krishnendu?
I saw a multi timeframe completed function but there is no documentation (or if you could point to it please)

Are you talking about multi-timeframe?
Yes of course.
Here is a brief about it: