How to deduce daily FII data

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Please clear my doubt : How to deduce the buying and selling data of FII. For e.g. Today FII have bought Rs.1212 crores of Index Options and Rs.138 crores in Index Futures, then does it indicate that they have bought new positions or they have squared off their positions worth Rs.1212 crores and Rs.138 crores in Options and Futures Index respectively ?

@nithin Can you please clear my doubt as it seems no one is interested in answering my above query.

This will give clear picture of fpi data,try to save daily data and deduce info from it.

Also check sensibull FPI data, they break it nicely.

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Hello there,

I would suggest you too check this website out, its super easy to understand

can see 2 days old data here?

No it is updated on daily basis,

but the chart could help you out which show past 7 days data

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also if you start watching it regularly you wont need past data, personal thoughts

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