How to delete icici emandate for coin & STP/SWP?


I have added emandate but I want to delete and want to control my investment.
I have doubt, If my zerodha fund already have 10000 will emandate agin deduct 10k from my saving amount ??

@nithin @Bhuvan, please help me to understand this, also I am waiting for SWP/STP will wait till dec maybe after that I stop using coin as my strategy involves these tools.

Hi Akash, you can delete all schedules you have created for the e-Mandate. This way funds will not be debited from your bank account. However, you will need to approach your bank in order to remove the e-Mandate registration from your bank account.

In case you have an e-Mandate scheduled, it will go through without checking the available balance in your account. So, if your Zerodha account has Rs. 10,000 and you have scheduled an e-Mandate for Rs. 10,000 then the amount will be debited from your bank account and made available in your Zerodha funds.