How to dematerialise physical share certificates in case of signature not matching?

A friend’s friend has a few SBI shares in physical form which were bought long back. He filled the Dematerialisation Request Form to dematerialise the shares but it was rejected due to his signature not matching with RTA records. Since the physical shares were bought long ago, he can’t remember how his sign used to be back then.

Is there a way to get the share certificates dematerialised in this case?

If the dematerialization request is rejected due to the signature mismatch, you need to get your new signature attested by any Nationalized banker and an affidavit(if asked by the company/company RTA) in a prescribed format(Every Registrar will have their own signature attestation/affidavit format, this will be shared along with the rejection memo by the RTA)

Once you get the banker attestation for the new signature, you need to resubmit the dematerialization request along with the banker attestation to your DP. It is advised to get the banker attestation for the signature recorded with the DP.

The RTA might ask you to update your signature in their records before sending the dematerialization again so you need to check the rejection memo before sending any documents to the DP/RTA.

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