How to deploy a strategy on all 190 FnO stocks ?


I am new to zerodha streak platform and purchased Ultimate plan …I want to know how can I deploy my strategy for all 190 FnO stocks ?

Hello @shikharhk

Please note that you can only add up to a maximum of 50 stocks in one strategy.

Thus, if you want to run backtest or deploy on all 190 FnO stocks and get the buy-sell signals for all these stocks, then you can split these 190 FnO stocks into batches of 50 and create 5 baskets, 3 of 50 stocks and 1 of 40 stocks. You can then copy the same strategy with a different name and add the different baskets to the other strategies.

To learn more about creating baskets refer to the link below:
Creating a basket- Technicals - Streak Help
Adding the baskets to strategy- Technicals - Streak Help

Hope this clarifies.

Hi Kunal

Thanks for your clarification …So under ultimate plan I can run 100 live strategies at a time and each strategy can have upto 50 stocks ?

No, Each Stock/Scrip is considered an individual Strategy. So you can keep a maximum of 100 Scrips live at a live i.e. 50 stocks from one stratgey and 50 from
the other one.

So you mean i cannot deploy all 190 stocks ( split into multiple baskets ) ? …If yes then why this is a limitation of only 100 live stocks with streak ? …I want to run my strategy on all 190 stocks since I want signals on all 190 stocks and not just 100 .

The Ultimate plan supports a maximum of 100 concurrent deployments at a time including the Live/Paper trade strategies. The concurrent deployments limit can not be extended currently, thus you can not deploy more than 100 stocks for live or paper trading at once as of now.

I have shared your requirement as feedback with the concerned team.