How to determine VAH, VAL, POC and VWAP Using Kite Volume Profile?


Kindly let me know if anyone knows how to determine values of VAH/VAL/POC & VWAP using Kite Charts with volume profile?


VWAP indicator is already present in kite. Just pull down the studies menu and you will find the VWAP.
Note that it is only an Intraday I indicator, so if you open daily charts, it will not show VWAP.
Volume profile Indicator is also available in Kite. On the time frame of your choice, the price(price range) at which the horizontal bar is the longest is the POC…Means maximum trading has taken place and the traders are happy to trade at that price… Any area higher than POC is VAH and area lower than it is VAL…

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if you already found it, please share here.