How to display two charts in zerodha kite?

I want to display two charts say BNF features Jul chart and BNF 35900 Jul PE option one pane below other in same window simultaneously.

How to do it in Kite? In other words is multi charts view available in Zerodha Kite?

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Yes, you can view multiple charts on both ChartIQ and Trading View. This post explains the process for initiating multi-chart layout in detail: How to View Multiple Charts for Indices on Kite

Thank you for your reply ShubhS9. So kind of you. Checked TradingView. But weekly options data is not displayed in select symbol blackbox. Any help?

One more issue I notice is horizontal and vertical scroll bars are missing. This scroll bar feature would have helped
@siva @ShubhS9 @nithin

It is. Have highlighted the weekly strikes in the screenshot:

Didn’t get this, can you elaborate?

Yes Got it @ShubhS9 . Many Thanks.