How to do amo orders and what is the brokerage for amo

This blog post explains about AMO. 

You can go through this link to know about AMO orders

​Brokarage will be same as normal order.

AMO orders can be placed after trading hours until the next day morning before trading commences.

AMO orders are placed same way like you place orders in normal trading hours, except you should use the After Market Window to initiate the order or choose the check box After Market Order while you place the order.

In zerodha, AMOs are allowed after 6:30 pm to next day morning until 9:15 am.

You can place MIS, NRML and CNC product type orders, other order types are not allowed.

Brokerage charges are same as like what product code you choose, there are no additional charges for AMO.

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Can anybody tell me how can I set up pre market order or amo for nifty fut at the closing price of previous day

Explained above.

so going by the above method at which price my order will be executed the open price or the close price of the previous day?

WHAT ARE THE TIMINGS during which i can place AMO orders ? @ShubhS9

Equity - 3:45 PM to 8:57 AM for NSE and 3:45 PM to 8:59 AM for BSE

Currency - 3:45 PM to 8:59 AM

F&O – 3:45 PM to 9:10 AM

MCX – Anytime during the day, if placed during the market hours the order will go through the next day at 9 AM

You can learn more about AMO here.

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@ShubhS9 @siva-reddy There’s issue while placing AMO orders in BSE segment stocks in your platform and this is around 10 PM, orders are not accepted since the price bands are not yet updated. For NSE price bands are promptly updated but not for the BSE so one can’t place the order below the LC price of the day. Yeah one can place GTT but it is made for outright other purpose and even if one uses GTT you have to confirm the LC price for the next day through the BSE site, which is another hazzle.

So if you people could update the price bands of the BSE segment as they are done for the NSE then it would be a great help for placing AMO orders… :pray:

BUT . why would any1 trade in BSE , rather than NSE ?
NSE has much more volume liquidity !
what is the advantage trading in BSE , rather than NSE ?

Better Spreads, arbitrage opportunities.

Yeah, definitely.

It is available more in nse compare to bse .

Are you sure , it still exists for reatilers , given the algo auto trades by the institutions ?

Better do market research yourself. :pray: :grin: