How to enter/exit a stock that is locked with upper circuit/lower circuit

If a stock (for example Ruchi Soya) is locked with upper circuit, is it possible to enter (BUY) it, if yes how?

Similarly, if one wants to exit a stock (Adani Green) which is locked with lower circuit, how to exit?

You can place AMO or order right after market open to Buy/Exit stocks hitting Upper/Lower Circuit but there is no guarantee that your order will get filled as in Upper Circuit stocks there will be plenty of willing buyers while very low sellers and in stocks hitting Lower Circuit there will be plenty of sellers but very less buyers, due to this imbalance Buying and Exiting such stocks isn’t easy.

Thank you very much.

First of all you shouldn’t do this… Why? Else you wouldn’t be worried about your second Question.

Both UC and LC are self-explanatory and before trying to get in a share with UC and trying to get out of share with LC one should see how long they have been in UC or LC, look at similar stocks and act accordingly. In most cases no one knows how long the UC or LC would last or UC changes to LC or vice versa so it’s better to not cry over spilled milk and look for fresh opportunities. UC & LC are limited opportunity plays and should be treated as such according to one’s risk appetite and not repent later due to over greed.

Also in both UC & LC cases your best case scenario for getting an order fill is AMO order at the UC/LC circuit price and not cancel or change anything in the order parameters later in the day. Also don’t place order with quantities which are hidden else only the disclosed quantity would be filled and the rest are moved to the end of the order queue and until and unless all orders in sight are filled your remaining orders would still be waiting for a fill.