How to enter reverse Trade in Streak

I have a Strategy to Buy when the Opening range of 15 min high is broken with the low of the Opening range of 15 min as SL. I can create this.

But if I want a reverse entry when SL is hit then how do I make these conditions?

Streak currently does not support Long-Short conditions in a single strategy. You can only go either Long or Short and hence you need to create two different strategies. One for Long and another for short to take both Long and Short trades.

If you want to enter into a strategy after the exit from the first strategy has happened and vice versa then you can create opposite conditions for entry and exit i.e. the exit conditions of the first strategy will be the entry conditions for the second strategy.

I have created a Strategy based on your Buy requirement. Click on the below link to access it-

You can use similar logic to create a Sell strategy as well. Note that In the above strategy, the Stop loss (SL) and Target profit(TP) are randomly selected as high so that the levels are highly unlikely to be met and exit happens solely based on the exit conditions. You can change the SL/TP as desired.