How to Execute Large Quantities swiftly in Kite ? Zerodha is lagging in this dept


Querry :

Say a Nifty option is lying around 1 Rs and i want to buy 1 crore worth of that option within 1-2 mins.

That means Total No of quantity= 1,00,00,000.
Max Quantity per order= 4950

Therefore max orders needed to execute= 2020

In Kite right now, single basket order has limit of 20 orders x 20 baskets = 400 orders only for a client.

With given quantity, one will be needing 5 times repetition of cloning 20 baskets.

And there, further more limitations are there, like 200 orders per minute only. Means for 2000 orders, i need 10 mins minimum.

With current state of creating orders basket, cloning them + viewing prices/margin= ~ 10 mins more if everything is executed snappily like a robot.

A total of ~20 mins. Within 20 mins, option will back from 5-6 Rs to be at 1 Rs… :no_mouth:

Same goes for exiting positions…

How to execute all these fastest in Zerodha’s ??

Above e.g. can be replaced with, a 5 Rs option, and 2-3 crore worth of buying position,
same thing will happen…

Apart from this, a request for basket orders :

  1. Please provide a quick mouse click cloning option for basket orders just like we do swiftly for 20 orders within a basket.

  2. When we exit any positions in kite, we tick and select all positions and exit all at once, it is possible already, so allow for such in case of selected basket orders too, a quick blue execution button.

  3. Increase total basket to 100 at least even if keeping 20 orders within a basket.

Because as you are requesting everyone that Kite is way superior than other platforms including NEST.
For intra-day traders, order execution is most important thing.

In given scenarios, how will a client trade with Kite ? Trading with large quantity is not an issue in cash at all, stock prices are in 2-3 digits, so current basket orders along with automatic slicing while sending orders is such a piece of cake in cash trading.

When it comes to options, for same amount, its all about quantities and timely execution.

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