how to exit a position in running algo in streak?

hi guys, i do algo trading in streak. sometime i have observed price has touched my profits or stop losses but it didnt triggered in those case how to exit position manually ? coz i tried exiting position manually but it failed every time.

@Streak Can you.

@Streak hope it come up with some solution

For every strategy that you have deployed, you will get an option to stop the strategy manually.

You can hover over the strategy and click on Stop

Clicking of Stop will show a pop-up window showing two options

If you want to exit the position and top the strategy, Just click on the Green button and it will exit your position and stop the strategy.

sir though it sounds very simple when you explained in reality strategy doesn’t stop even after you press the button stop (tired pressing exit position button), the error occurs every time you try to stop the strategy and it continue to run till 3:25…

Hey @sushanttrendfollower,

This process is simple and the options are made accordingly. The reason for getting an error might be because of the open orders or any account-related issue which needs to be looked into. Can you write to [email protected] with your contact details?