How to exit whole portfolio in one click on kite

Please tell me how to exit whole portfolio in one click on Zerodha kite Platform ?

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@nithin, @siva: Can you please consider this feature as this will ease out burden on traders to close trades one by one.
For intraday and positional traders, this would be beneficial. All trades visible in “Open Positions” can be closed in one shot, if you provide this feature.

Yes, this will be available in next release of Kite web and is currently there on mobile app.

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Thanks @siva. You can add one click to select all the portfolio or Open Positions and then one can close it.
Hope you are adding that feature.

how to use this feature on mobile app.kindly tell me

In positions section Press and Hold any of position then it will give you an option to select the Positions to exit. Tick the positions which you want to exit then press ok.


what if the quantities are more than 1800 ? will it exit in one go or do i have to use iceberg option separately ?