How to fill DIS form for transferring shares from Zerodha (CDSL) to HDFC (NSDL)

Hi All,

Need help in filling DIS Form to transfer shares from Zerodha to HDFC securities.
Gone through How to fill in a DIS slip article in Zerodha, but still not clear.

Please help in filling sections 8,9 and 10 from image below.
My understanding is as below:
section 8:
Leave as Blank.(As i am transfering shares to my own other Demat account).

section 9:
choose NSDL.
Settlement/Market Type (Dont know what to write)
Counter DP ID: HDFC DP ID details will be filled.

section 10:
Need clarity what to fill.


Your inputs will be helpful.

Hey Mounica, any specific reasons to transfer the shares from your Zerodha account, could elaborate? :slightly_smiling_face:

Right. You need to leave this blank as transfer is to your own account.

As you’re transferring the shares the NSDL demat account, you need to chose NSDL.

You don’t have to fill anything in the Settlement/Market type or Settlement number field. Keep those blank.

You can keep this blank as well.

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Thanks @ShubhS9 for clarifying the doubts.
Recieved a call from Zerodha Support team as well and they haveexplained it.

I am transferring only two securities to HDFC because those two are not part of Approved List of securities to apply for the Loan Against Securities in Zerodha.