How to fill e-DIS on SPEED-e to transfer to CM BP Pool A/C


Can some knowledgeable person please help me fill this correctly?

I need to transfer share to my DP pool account so they can be available to sell via my trading account. Fields which are not clear to me

  • Execution date: what should be this?
  • Settlement number??

My DP is not being very helpful in clarifying these, getting vague answers. I don’t want my shares to be stuck somewhere because of any mistake in filling this.

@VenuMadhav Can you, please.

Execution date is the date on which you want to DP to execute your instruction. You may set this as 1 day prior to the day of settlement

This depends on the date on which you are executing the sell transaction. The Exchange doesn’t identify trade dates, they’ve allotted ‘Settlement number’ to each trade date, think of settlement number like a bucket. For shares sold on a particular date, the units will have to be transferred to it’s respective bucket. Here are the settlement numbers for May 2020

An example: If you are selling shares on the 26th of May, you have to transfer the shares to settlement number 2020098, set the execution date as 27th of May (one day prior to settlement date). The settlement date is the last column in the screenshot.


Thanks a lot @VenuMadhav for clarification.
If I am understanding you correctly, then I should do trade on may 26th and as DIS exec. date is 27th so that’s when they will be debited from my demat. Right?
But then how can stocks be available for sale in my trading account on 26th? My DP did say that I can trade once I transfer to DP pool account and DP moves them to my trading account.
Basically trade 1st and transfer later OR transfer 1st and trade later.
Your approach seems more sensible to me as without trade date we can’t be sure of settlement number. But this does mean I should be able to short sell and trading platform should not auto-close position at end of (like they do for intra-day trade). I have to check with my DP on this feature.
Thanks again!

I just checked and short sell doesn’t work

Hey, I’m unsure of what arrangement you have with your broker and DP. If he’s expecting you to transfer shares first and then place a trade, you’ll have to transfer it to the respective settlement number where you intend to sell. If the sell transaction doesn’t get executed on the intended date of sale, then the broker can move the stocks to a different future settlement bucket.