How to find 52 week high

How do I create conditions to find then stocks that are at a 52week high in the scanner?

Even I was looking for something similar. Probably will get help from this thread.

You can refer to the below scanner link for the conditions.

I have used the period max function of Streak to create the conditions. Click on the below link to learn more about the period max function and how it is used-

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Thanks man, Scanner results are also correct

but 1 question I have is how come you are using 250 inside the period max function? This is fetching for 52 weeks ?

I guess in a year, there are approximately 250 trading days, 250 will fetch results for 52 weeks approximately as per our requirement.

Right got it :+1:

yes, this correct.

I have copied the scanner too. its working great.

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yes, i guess the logic is correct.

The results are matching as well.

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what will be the conditions for stocks near 52 week like?

like hover just around their highs, like not below 10% of the 52week.

I think you can do this by specifying a range. Like if the current price is within the 0.5% range of the 52-week high. I will try to create this and share it here.

this scanner is super useful for a begineer like me. I have copied the scanner too. its working great.

Bro, I tried this and the results were matching too. You can try this.

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thanks man, it has been working fine.

was able to catch the M&M move with this :slight_smile: