How to find ETFs ? (like Bond, Indternational, etc)


I am searching but couldn’t find a good database of ETFs.
I am looking for a way to find a list of Bond ETFs in india.
It would be great if there is a database of all ETFs in india with filters for AUM, expense ratio, ETF category like bond, international etc.

Please Help.

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Tickertape does that.

Taking Kotak Nifty 50 ETF as example

Try Dhan

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Thank you very much every one.

Based on all the discussion on ETF post. I found that downloading ETF excel sheet from NSE website is best option.
We can also apply filter in Excel file to sort the ETFs.
Liquidity can be compared by comparing the trading volume.

Here is the LINK to NSE ETF page.

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I want the list of all ETFs.
But tickertape shows the details of only few ETFs.
And it also doen’t provide a list of all the ETFs.

But thanks for replying.

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Check this.